Embedding Your Slides

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A good question from @JaviLopezG recently: is it possible to embed a 2Sli.de presentation, for example on a blog? Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Make sure your presentation is public. On the home screen, click the three ellipsis (...) and make it public.

  2. Open the presentation using "Offline Download" mode. In reality, this is just a static view that has the remote functionality disabled. Copy the address for the offline download window (will have "static" in it, e.g. http://2sli.de/static/54a9452ea455ea4a4635469c)

  3. Make aniframe in your webpage, with the offline download URL as the source, for example

      <iframe src="http://2sli.de/static/54a9452ea455ea4a4635469c" scrolling="no" width=600  height=400></iframe>

Here's an example, just to show that it works. The only trick is the user has to click the slide, then use the arrows to navigate. You might want to put a note to that effect. I'll work on making a better, specifically embeddable view.

Click the slide and use arrows to navigate!

Another (simple) option is just to link the the "static" URL. Hope that helps!