Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are my presentations private?
Yes, all presentations are private by default. They are only accessible online by you when you are logged into You can make your presentation public by selecting "Make Public" on the home screen on the drop-down menu ()

2. Why is the site called
Because audiences send responses to the slide: was also one of the shortest domains available at the time, which makes entering audience response URLs quicker.

3. How much does cost?
All features are currently free. In the future, we may charge for some features to fund, but would not impose these costs retroactively to registered users.

4. Can I share my presentation on a virtual learning environment or other website?
Yes, there are two options to share your presentation on the home page under the ellipsis drop-down menu (). You can:

  • Export a PDF by selecting "Full Slide PDF"
  • Make a public link to your presentation. First make the presentation public (see#1), then open the presentation using "Offline Download" and share the link by email, on a virtual learning environment, or any other website.

5. How do I use my smartphone or tablet as a remote?

  1. Login to on the computer used for presenting. Open your presentation with the screen icon .
  2. Login to on your phone or tablet. Open the presentation.
  3. Tap or swipe left to advance, swipe right to reverse.

6. How does work? harnesses the graphics capabilities of modern web browsers for presentations. It uses websockets to sync the presenter's tablet with the main screen, and javascript/css to scale slides to fit any device.